Chemical Services

Al-Baz Chemical Company, which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals in all its spectrum in cooperation with a number of international companies such (Veolia Water, Ecolab, Nalco Water, AQUATUN,CARLO ERBA).

Al-Baz Chemical Company

Al-Baz also provides you with many services in many areas:

Al-Baz also provides you with many services in many areas:
  • ALBAZ LAB where our company contracts for
    the analysis of water samples:

    • Chemical analysis of water and thus show you the nature ofwater and its effects on your equipment and avoid
    • Bacterial analysis of water and assess their suitability for drinking.
  • Importing, Installing and maintaining desalination plants in cooperation with leading companies in the world and attracting the best engineers.

Boller Treatment:

  • Boller water oxygen scavenger

  • Boller scale inhibtor

  • Steam condensate treatment

  • Boller water oxygen scavenger

Chilled system:

  • Inhibited acid cleaner

  • Closed system corrosion and scale inhibitor

  • Alkaline cleaning chemicals

Boiler cleaning:

  • Alkaline boil-out for new boilers and rusty boilers

  • Inhibited acid cleaner


  • for food & beverages containers

  • for food & beverages conveyor chains

Cleaning chemicals:

  • cold cleaning agent

  • acidic foam cleaner

  • alkaline foam cleane

  • hygienic cleaner

  • jelly stainless steel cleaner & brigh

Ro plant:

  • reverse osmosis membrane antiscalant

  • membrane cleaner


cooling tower treatment:

  • scale and corrosion inhibitor with dispersants for open evaporative cooling systems with high hardness makeup

  • liquid biocide

  • specific microbiocide

  • general purpose alkaline cleaner ahu and fan coil

Our Services

  • Telecom

    The demand of mobile telecom industry is increasing dramatically day by day in our country. 

  • Power Engineering

    Our services extended to include customers from other industrial sectors like Cement, Fodders, Iron & Steel.

  • Oil & Gas

    We offer a wide range of global O&M services, including complete turnkey operations models. 

  • Training

    We Bab Africa company offer you the training and development services in various areas of industrial control.

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